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Remain invested in equities via SIP if you have a long-term horizon
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Equity investments have delivered higher returns than fixed income over long periods (10+ years), albeit with higher volatility. However, recently equity markets in India and across the globe have corrected sharply on concerns over global growth amid the coronavirus outbreak. The steep correction has led to the trailing two year SIP returns being negative across the large-, mid- and small-cap segments. Even the trailing 4-year SIP annualised returns in equities are only marginally positive (<1% in annualised terms). An SIP investment in the large cap index (BSE 100) would have delivered an annualised 0.42% (as of April 22, 2020), while the mid-cap (BSE Midcap) and small-cap (BSE Small cap) segments would have delivered 0.19%, and minus 0.01%, respectively.

Source : Financial Express back